GraphPad Demo

The most recent video I produced for marketing GraphPad.  GraphPad can be found in the App Store by searching for GraphPad R7 Configurable, and I’m offering free trial licenses to anyone interested in helping find bugs, correct translations or develop libraries for other specific industries and solutions.

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GraphPad – Overview

This video goes through the basic components of Graphpad as well as some ways it is currently being used.

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Use Case – Foundation Repair

The following video shows how GraphPad is being used to calculate the number of piers used in leveling a foundation.

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Free Trial Licenses to GraphPad Configurable.

Access to GraphPad R7 Configurable is controlled through my web service allowing me to grant access at my discretion to users interested in helping me develop and refine my product.  I’m looking for users willing to help me find bugs, correct translations, as well as develop standard forms, calculations and symbol libraries in exchange for access to GraphPad.  I’m particularly interested in anyone who works for a company that would benefit from a customized version of GraphPad and might be interested in leasing it should it prove successful.

Access to GraphPad will be at my sole discretion and anything provided to me under this arrangement will be available for my use unless we come to another agreement.  Anyone interested in working with me to improve GraphPad is encouraged to contact me through the contact form on my website:



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GraphPad – Table Tutorial

The Configurable version of GraphPad now allows users to create and modify their own tables, which are like mini-Excel spreadsheets that can be added to any drawing.  Tables can interact with the drawing by maintaining a count of the number of symbols as well as area and length calculations.

There are more new tutorials on GraphPad R7 Configurable on my website:

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GraphPad for creating staging drawings

I was recently contacted by a production designer in California who was interested in using GraphPad to sketch sets for various tv shows.  Okay, I have to admit that’s a pretty cool use for GraphPad, so I wanted to see what I could do to make it work for him.  He sent me the example drawing below:


Looking at it, it seems like something GraphPad could handle, so I agreed to work with him on setting it up.  I intend to use the next couple of post to talk about what I’m doing to help him, making it clear what can be done in the current version of GraphPad as opposed to things that will require some enhancements.

This first video shows how I created one of the symbols he uses in his drawing as well as the title block.  In addition, I discuss an enhancement he’s requested for setting the scale on the printout that translates a measurement on the printout to an actual length on the set.

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Integrating GraphPad

This video shows how GraphPad could be integrated with backend systems, both the download of customer information as well as the upload of data collected in GraphPad, the drawing PDF and any associated pictures.  While GraphPad has been architected for integration, it would still require a significant amount of work in order to integrate GraphPad, not only in the creation of web services but the development of additional features in GraphPad itself.  This video simply outlines how data captured in GraphPad could be uploaded to a server, the type of data that can be captured as well as how the PDF and associated images could be uploaded.

Customers interested in integration of GraphPad with their servers are encouraged to contact me by going to my website:

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