GraphPad Downloads & Sales

I think users might find it interesting to know what it’s like to sell Apps through the App Store, and the sales of GraphPad are an excellent example of what that’s like.  GraphPad recently past the 500k down load milestone, however, sales peaked back in 2012.  The revenue that GraphPad currently generates is no longer significant, however, I continue to work on it and update it – although no where near as much as I used to.  Still, developing GraphPad has easily been the most interesting project I’ve ever done and will always be one of my proudest achievements.

The graphs below show the number of downloads as well as the sales revenue by week since its release in 2011 to today.


Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.13.43 PM


Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.15.11 PM

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Table Enhancements under development

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New Feature under development – Components

This video shows the current state of the Components feature and how library items with components interact with tables.

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GraphPad – Arcs at the intersection of Lines.

One of the features I really wanted to add to GraphPad was the ability to create an Arc, of a certain radius, based on the intersection of 2 lines.  This makes it easy to create bezels, however, it also leads to interesting behavior when rotation the lines through 360 degrees, or reversing geometry created with arcs based on the intersection of two lines, as the video below shows.

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How the City of New York uses GraphPad for its Sidewalk Inspections.

The City of New York has been using GraphPad for its sidewalk inspections since 2014 to complete their Preliminary Inspection Report (PIR).  The following video demonstrates the forms they use as well as their library of symbols, how they are deployed across all their iPads as well as new features in GraphPad that could be of use to the inspectors and other departments within the DOT.

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GraphPad – Integration

Demonstration of how GraphPad allows users to enter appointments that can be mapped for turn by turn directions and for pre-populating forms as well as how GraphPad can use this same map view to integrate with backend systems.

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Calculating the cost of Insulation

The following video demonstrates how easy it is to use GraphPad to calculate the cost of insulation.

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