The Business Case for choosing GraphPad

I’ve been working on GraphPad for about eight years now, taking input from thousands of users and developing features based upon an dozens of use cases.  All told, I’ve probably put in 6 – 10,000 hours working on it and if sales of GraphPad through the App Store was the end goal, GraphPad would be a complete financial failure.  But that isn’t, and for that matter, never really was.  My goal for GraphPad was to create a frame work to address a particular user problem, cases where simply completing a form or even taking pictures was simply not enough.  Business problems that require an accurate detail drawing as a necessary part of a document – whether it be an inspection, estimate, proposal – what ever.  And the truth of it, that applies to a Lot of industries – from general contractors and realtors, to city inspectors, termite inspectors, and roofers – and those are just examples of customers currently using GraphPad.  But in order for GraphPad to really be successful, I really need it to be adopted by larger organizations; companies that have 100’s if not 1000’s of user that need my product.  So given that companies that size could probably develop their own software, why should they chose GraphPad?  I have 3 simple reasons:

1). Cost:  Anyone who’s tried to develop software knows that the costs of development are astronomical.  I know of several major companies that have attempted to create their own drawing programs with mixed results.  How do I know?  Because employees from those companies have been the ones who were promoting GraphPad to their management.  In several cases, the reason I was contacted was because they compared the drawing ability of GraphPad to their in-house product and were able to complete their work in a fraction of the time.

2). Quality:  GraphPad is being used by 1000’s of users, so a lot of the issues companies might encounter with a new product have already been addressed, whether it’s bugs, missed requirements, usability or features.  GraphPad is a known quantity, so companies can actually test most of their use cases without ever spending a dime.

3). Time:  Choosing GraphPad reduces the development time to almost nothing.  Depending on the number of forms, symbols and calculations; there’s a strong possibility the App itself can be used as is, and companies can just update the library and start user testing.

Oh, and did I mention cost?  I almost need to put that in again, because not only will companies save on development, they’ll save on requirements gathering, maintenance, and ultimately (which is the whole reason for implementing GraphPad in the first place) the cost of the business completing their forms.  Some of the metrics I’m getting back are savings of 3 hours per day per user and reducing the turn around time from hours or days to minutes.  What kind of savings will that generate for Your business?

GraphPad – Engineering drawing made easy!

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