Quick Note on GraphPad Crashing

I recently had a new user who was distressed because after doing a lot of work, GraphPad crashed and he thought that his drawing was lost.  I’ve made an earnest attempt to fix all the crashing issues in GraphPad, however, it will still crash in certain circumstances.  The App does save your current drawing every time user switches mode, however, i.e. change from “Points” to “Lines”, or “Arcs”, etc.  When you re-open the App it doesn’t automatically go to the last drawing but simply opens a new blank page.  To open up your previous drawing, just go to the “File” button and select “Open”.  A list of drawings is displayed and you simply need to select the name of your drawing or the latest “DrawingX”.  A best practice would be to save a new drawing under a meaningful name immediately after you start it.  Companies that use Graphpad as part of their business typically use either an address, customer name of work order number for the file name.  I encourage users to follow this practice as well when using GraphPad.

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