GraphPad Pricing

There are 3 versions of GraphPad, each targeted at a particular market and priced accordingly.  The Freeware version is, as you might expect, primarily for marketing – maximizing the number of people who are exposed to GraphPad and who will hopefully check out my website and blog.  It serves a dual purpose, to allow users to try GraphPad before having to purchase one of the other versions.  The hope is that not only will it give users a chance to try my product but that it will also reduce the number of negative remarks on the App Store – at least for the paid products.  The pro version is really just for consumers who happen to like the way GraphPad draws.  I invested a lot of time in creating the drawing engine and while I think it’s great (I wrote it after all), if that’s all GraphPad is being used it would be hard to justify spending a lot of money on it.  After all, there are a lot of other drawing Apps available.  It’s hard to justify spending $20 on GraphPad when there are other options for quite a bit less, and to be candid, I don’t make enough money of it to put anymore time into it either.  The configurable version of GraphPad, however, is a different story.


The configurable version was created for companies to use as part of their business.  Its not just so someone can create the occasional drawing, but rather it’s designed to be optimized for a specific purpose – the completion of an inspection form or the creation of a detailed estimate or proposal.  By configuring GraphPad with the companies forms, their libraries of symbols, geometry and standardized text and by integrating it with their backend systems it can dramatically improve a companies efficiency.  How much, you might ask?  How ’bout 3 hours per day, per estimator?  That’s the metric I was told by a foundation company whose salesmen wrote 3 or more estimates per day.  Rather than having to take notes and write up the quote on a computer back in the office, they could do it all right on the iPad while still on-site.  Or how ’bout the time to turn around a citation, from 1 day down to 10 minutes?  Again, rather than having to go back to computer and drafting things up, send the citation directly from the iPad.  These are the types of problems GraphPad was designed to address.

So when considering leasing GraphPad, companies should look at how it can streamline their processes, and how it needs to be configured in order to optimize it’s use.  When configured properly, GraphPad can not only save a significant amount of time and money, but may also introduce new opportunities as well.  In cases like these GraphPad is a bargain!

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