Free Trial Licenses to GraphPad Configurable.

Access to GraphPad R7 Configurable is controlled through my web service allowing me to grant access at my discretion to users interested in helping me develop and refine my product.  I’m looking for users willing to help me find bugs, correct translations, as well as develop standard forms, calculations and symbol libraries in exchange for access to GraphPad.  I’m particularly interested in anyone who works for a company that would benefit from a customized version of GraphPad and might be interested in leasing it should it prove successful.

Access to GraphPad will be at my sole discretion and anything provided to me under this arrangement will be available for my use unless we come to another agreement.  Anyone interested in working with me to improve GraphPad is encouraged to contact me through the contact form on my website:



About rshawhan

Author / Developer of GraphPad
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