GraphPad for creating staging drawings

I was recently contacted by a production designer in California who was interested in using GraphPad to sketch sets for various tv shows.  Okay, I have to admit that’s a pretty cool use for GraphPad, so I wanted to see what I could do to make it work for him.  He sent me the example drawing below:


Looking at it, it seems like something GraphPad could handle, so I agreed to work with him on setting it up.  I intend to use the next couple of post to talk about what I’m doing to help him, making it clear what can be done in the current version of GraphPad as opposed to things that will require some enhancements.

This first video shows how I created one of the symbols he uses in his drawing as well as the title block.  In addition, I discuss an enhancement he’s requested for setting the scale on the printout that translates a measurement on the printout to an actual length on the set.

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